Activate data in foreign countries with MobiWi-Fi

When traveling abroad, instead of having to worry about finding Wi-Fi or registering for roaming, you can work more professionally, travel more actively thanks to MobiWi-Fi device.

“How to get online” is a big concern of many Vietnamese people when traveling abroad for business or tourism. In the past, many people chose to use Wi-Fi or buy a local SIM. However, not all countries have universal Wi-Fi, even some hotels and restaurants charge for Wi-Fi usage.

Registering a digital SIM abroad is not easy. Not to mention, 3G charges in Vietnam are very cheap compared to the world average. The rates in many countries and territories cannot help surprising Vietnamese customers.

Recently, the roaming service has begun to appear with many packages priced close to the domestic price. However, roaming is usually only available for one subscription or device. If traveling or working in groups, the cost of Wi-Fi often increases quite large.

Quoc Quoc Hung is an IT specialist in Hanoi. The nature of the job requires him to be online regularly, even when abroad to support the installation and installation of machines for partners.

“Our group is on business trips usually 2-3 people but cannot all roam together because it is very expensive. Recently, the boss knew that MobiFone has a service to rent Wi-Fi devices MobiWi-Fi, so he decided to register. Just by holding a compact Wi-Fi device, the whole team can work more actively, foreign partners are more respectful when they find themselves able to solve the work right in the car, ”Mr. Hung shared.

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With MobiWi-Fi device, users can work more professionally, travel more actively.

MobiWi-Fi service is also useful for people traveling abroad for a long time, for example, the family of Ms. Hanh Minh (Ho Chi Minh City). Hanh said: “Thanks to bringing MobiWi-Fi, I can show 4-year-old Youtube videos to my 4-year-olds, even the older ones chat with friends and my husband is not afraid of interrupting work”.

Not only is the customer satisfied with the convenience, MobiWi-Fi is also attractive by the competitive price. A MobiWi-Fi device can share up to 5 users, the price is only 150,000 VND / day, customers have from 500 MB to 10 GB. Thus, each customer only cost from 30,000 VND / day was able to “surf the net” even though abroad.

A representative of MobiFone shared: “MobiWi-Fi ensures that the criteria customers need are reasonable prices, connecting anytime, anywhere and the rental process is simple. We hope to accompany every journey of customers. Not simply providing airtime, we look forward to providing customers with the opportunity to connect emotionally in the digital world. In the future, this service will thrive on convenience and savings. ” .

Currently, MobiWi-Fi service is applied to nearly 100 countries, the service has 2 ways for both Vietnamese to foreign countries and foreigners to come to Vietnam.

Outbound afternoon is a service that allows Vietnamese or foreigners in Vietnam to rent a Wi-Fi broadcasting device to bring abroad to access the Internet. Outbound customers can use the service in 98 countries around the world, including Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, Singapore, England, France, USA …

Inbound afternoon is a service that allows foreigners to come to Vietnam or Vietnamese people to rent transmitters that broadcast Wi-Fi to access the Internet in Vietnam. With only 120,000 VND / day, customers have high speed data capacity of 3 GB to connect to the Internet.

Readers can read more details here , contact 9090 or go to the nearest MobiFone retail store.



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