Apple 1 computer for sale nearly 2 million USD

Apple 1 has a custom wooden case design, “almost perfect” appearance and is sold by its owner on eBay for $ 1.75 million.

According to information from the seller, Apple 1 uses a custom wooden case provided by Byte Shop, currently only 6 models in the world. Meanwhile, most devices that Apple sells only ordinary wooden boxes.

The Apple 1 computer sold for $ 1.75 million.
The Apple 1 computer sold for $ 1.75 million.

The seller said he was only the second owner. He bought the device in 1978 and keeps it up to date. Comes with the device is a Sony TV-115 video player as recommended by Steve Jobs, the original power supply and some accessories, manuals.

The owner of this special Apple 1 also confirmed that the device was tested and confirmed by Corey Cohen, an Apple computer expert in August. Currently, information about the device is also updated on Apple1Registry – the website confirming the original Apple computers 1 exists in the world.

Priced at $ 1.75 million (enough money to buy 1,750 iPhone 11 Pro 64 GB versions), the post still has 316 people interested. The owner of the Apple 1 listing account has also been confirmed by eBay, a long-time member.

If sold successfully, the Apple 1 will become Apple’s most expensive first-generation computer version. Previously, one person successfully auctioned the pre-production (not commercially available) Apple model for $ 815,000 in 2016.

In the past, many times Apple 1 was sold by collectors. However, the price only stops at 300,000 – 600,000 USD depending on appearance, accessories, manuals, software …

Data from Apple1Registry shows that there are still about 53 confirmed Apple models worldwide, while the remaining 21 are waiting for verification.

Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak founded Apple on April 1, 1976 in the living room and garage of Steve Jobs’ home. Here, they successfully built the first personal computer named Apple 1 completely by hand. A total of 200 devices were sold. For production costs, Jobs had to sell the Volkswagen Microbus, while Wozniak sold the HP-65 handheld computer.




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