Best 8 Things THAT INSTANTLY Make You Less HOT –

Best 8 Things THAT INSTANTLY Make You Less HOT –

You know sometimes you can be a 10-10 stud and be blessed by God with the perfect jeans but you know what all of that can be thrown out the door if you do any of these eight things that make any guy instantly less hot not to mention that if you’re below average and not attractive you definitely don’t want to do these so be aware let’s hop into this article the first thing that makes you less hot in front of a girl being bossy or aggressive being a dominant man is a trait that most women they find hot.

A decisive man is a man that knows what he wants out of life however there are some guys that take this to an extreme and try to boss women around you can understand that if a woman doesn’t want to do something or they want to do it there’s certain way you can’t be the type of guy that’s my way or the highway they find that super on a track to ungroomed body here again you could be that 10/10 stud but if you look like sasquatch with a job you’re gonna instantly be that guy that she thought was the one because the little guy is
hiding in a forest that’s longer than he is your legs are covered in a dark vineyard and your chest is a Sherpa.

Jackie’s that she definitely didn’t ask for now I’m not saving to just shave everything off because most girls don’t want to feel like they’re dating babies either but you should definitely maintain and trim it this is why my landscape lawnmower is a tool that I recommend for every guy this is a tool that should be in every man’s tool chest
if you boys do not have a trimmer to handle the hair below the belt I’m sorry
but you’ve been grooming yourself wrong.

All this time also please don’t be the guy that only has one trimmer and uses it for his face and then his butt crack in his balls that’s that’s unhygenic this is exactly why that if you only have one trimmer you definitely need your second one for everything else and the manscaped lawnmower 2.0 is perfect for this this one is ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand and small enough to navigate all the complex terrain of your boys but even better and safer unlike any other trimmer on the market these are Nick
proof meaning that even if you for some reason don’t use a clip guard you don’t have to worry about nicking your skin.

Like another trimmer would know if you guys want to check out this landscape lawn mower it’s freaking awesome I’m gonna have it link down below with a 20 percent discount code that also gives you free shipping everything that makes you super unattractive it’s trying to
one-up everyone else like really your ego is showing and you just got completely annoyed

for smelling bad I don’t think I really need to explain this but I don’t know if there’s this happen to you before but imagine having a hot girl I’m talking model status and as you start getting closer because things are getting hot and heavy you start smelling onions butnyou keep going because what the hell this is a girl of your dreams and there’s no way this is really happening right now and as you get closer for the

all you smell is beans and cilantro from her 3 for $2 tacos she had for lunch exactly no matter how hot you’re now disgusting and the same happens to us guys which is why every guy should use a fragrance especially when you know you’re gonna be meeting up with a girl and lately I’ve been using the limited-edition refined cologne from our sponsor manscape yes boys they don’t just do trimmers they actually have a whole line of products for guys when it comes to grooming that it’s pretty awesome.

This refined cologne has a sense of masculinity and overall it’s just a Laurie so instead of you just driving girls away because you stink with the Cologne like this you’ll just make them want to be pulled in closer and closer but here’s the sweet part if you guys blow and click the link below to go check out manscape and choose one of their packages which can include the landscape lawn mower which I talked about their crop cleanser which is
basically like a shampoo is specifically designed for your boys to keep them clean and refresh and much more in that package you can get 20% off free
shipping plus a free Dopp kit that’s

worth $40 this is a leather Dopp kit super high-quality and I use it every time I travel it’s perfect that you’re gonna get that for free in other words it’s a hell of a deal to both keep your body hair in check and smelling great which this voice this this will make you HOT irresistible super attractive girls they’re gonna be all over you so if you guys want to check that out link down below 5 chewing with your mouth open you look disgusting it’s disturbing and it looks like you were raised by animals no matter how attractive you are if this is how you eat your food you’re instantly

less hot number 6 bragging about your money you’ll just come off as a prick and I can tell you right now no girl of value will actually want you if this is how you are unless you plan on hiring s17 awkward facial hair a shadow or a well-kept beard will make any guy look
like a stud but if you have patches everywhere or your sideburns don’t even connect with your chin hair shave it you look dirty and definitely not hot also you want to avoid being the guy with awkward facial hair styles like your soul patches or your chinstraps it isn’t 2001 and finally

the guy that rounds it’s 35 dollars and 20 set bill up to 36 dollars you’re a douche or at least most women will see you this way treating people in a service position poorly or not being grateful enough to give them a standard 10 to 20 percent tip after they have
served you just leaves a bad taste in any woman’s mouth because now all they’re thinking if this is how we treat strangers how the hell is he gonna treat me that’s basically it for today’s article.

guys those are eight things that you definitely want to avoid so you don’t become less hot in front of girls if you guys liked this article and found that informative don’t forget to drop us a like down below also don’t forget to check out our sponsor manscaped if you
want to check out that amazing deal.

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