Dell Inspiron 7490 – lighter than XPS 13, Core i Gen 10 chip

The new Inspiron 7490 laptop model of the Inspiron 7000 series has a thin and light design, no less than the XPS 13, equipped with 10-generation Intel Core chip and many features that enhance the user experience.

Thanks to the technology and new features equipped on the Dell Inspiron 7490, users will have a more enjoyable and vivid experience.

Modern design, high availability

The Inspiron 7490 is as light and thin as the XPS 13, and weighs 1.09 kg. Compared to the previous generation, the device has a major change in design, more flexible mobility.

Specifically, to achieve the goal of thin and light, Inspiron 7490 uses magnesium alloy honeycomb structure, while ensuring certainty and high reliability. Polycarbonate keyboard with keystroke travel for good typing. The grounding is spacious below, fingerprint sensor integrated in the power button, similar to the design of some smartphones today, bringing comfort, high security.

Dell Inspiron 7490 - smaller than the XPS 13, Core i the 10 picture processor 1
The Inspiron 7490 is made of magnesium alloy material, which is both thin and light.

Some of the other improvements of this laptop are located in the new hinge system, creating a firm position to use the natural keyboard, while effectively dissipating heat. Intelligent Adaptive Thermal technology with the mechanism to automatically switch the heat sink according to the state of use. ExpressCharge technology allows fast charging 80% battery capacity in 60 minutes, shortening the waiting time of the user.

Besides, the product also supports charging via the standard USB PD 3.0 adapter (USB Power Delivery) 65 watts. This is considered a handy solution for people who are often on the move. Users only need to share adapters for different devices via USB type C, no matter the difference in capacity and adaptability of the adapter. This factor is of interest to Dell to bring more convenience and comfort to customers.

Upgrade audiovisual experience

The Inspiron 7490 features a 14-inch Full HD display, a wider viewing angle IPS panel, display image quality and high color accuracy. Dell Cinema technology combines three important features: CinemaColor, CinemaSound and CinemaStream as bringing the cinema to the user.

In addition, the device is also certified Dolby Vision, for high-quality image content, more colors and extended contrast with more depth. As a result, images become true and vivid on HDR and SDR computer monitors.

Dell Inspiron 7490 - smaller than the XPS 13, Core i the 10 picture processor 2
Dell Cinema technology for crisp visual experience.

The laptop also comes with Dell Mobile Connect utility that connects the laptop and the phone. This utility allows Android and iOS users to make calls, send / receive messages, access smartphone data directly on laptop screens. This helps users focus on the laptop, still ensuring to stay in touch, not miss calls and messages from smartphones.

16% performance improvement with 10 Gen Core chips

Configuration based on Intel Comet Lake platform with Core i5-10210U processor, discrete graphics GeForce MX250 2 GB DDR5, LPDDR3 RAM 8 GB bus 2,133 MHz and M.2 NVMe SSD capacity of 512 GB.

Inspiron 7000 uses 10 Generation Core i5-10210U Core chip optimizing power, calculation efficiency per watt of power consumption 16% higher than the previous generation chip. Thereby, laptops have good battery life, ensuring flexibility and comfort to use without having to sacrifice performance. In addition, discrete graphics GeForce MX250 also contributes to increase the system power when playing games or running image processing applications, graphics.

Dell Inspiron 7490 - smaller than the XPS 13, Core i the 10 picture processor 3Dell Inspiron 7490 - smaller than the XPS 13, Core i the 10 picture processor 4
The Core 10 i5-10210U chip of the machine ensures flexibility and comfort.

The Dell Inspiron 7490 has a reference price of VND 30.99 million. The Premium Support on-site warranty applies to genuine distribution products. In case the user needs support, Dell’s engineering team will come to the place for warranty, repair or replacement of components. Readers see detailed information via the support switchboard: 1800 545455, available 24/7 (all holidays).


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