Google’s transcendent machine has just publicly been able to change the world

Google Sycamore is a quantum computer system capable of calculating millions of times the world’s most powerful supercomputers, promising a new future for science.

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On October 23, Google CEO Sundar Pichai personally wrote an introduction about quantum computers for the future. He said Sycamore only took 200 seconds to solve the problem so hard that the world’s most powerful supercomputer now takes thousands of years to be able to solve. It has reached the level of “quantum superiority” and is the launch pad to develop AI to new heights.
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The power of this machine comes from storing and processing information. On a regular computer, the data exists only in states 1 or 0 at a time. Quantum computers use quantum bits (qubits), a combination of both.
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Gizmodo author Ryan F. Mandelbaum was fortunate enough to visit Google’s scientific research center, where the Sycamore quantum supercomputer is located. It is a normal-looking building in Goleta, California (USA), which can be the headquarters of any company. But inside is a team of computer scientists and physicists working on a machine that has never appeared in the world. Google confirmed that this project has been started since 2006.
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The glass door outside the quantum research room has the Google logo, which at first looks pretty monotonous. According to scientist Hartmut Neven, technical director of the quantum computer project, this success has the same meaning as the launch of Sputnik satellite orbiting the Earth.
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Sycamore uses “qubit” status instead of “1” and “0” like traditional computers. The physical shape of the “qubit” is an extremely small superconducting wire, wound in a circular shape. The chips are located on the bottom of the machine, in a vacuum chamber. To work, quantum chips require a very low temperature of about 15 mK, or -273 degrees Celsius.
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Similar to other scientific projects, the Sycamore machine has been developed for decades, undergoing many trials before reaching success. Particularly for quantum chips, Google experts have developed many different designs before choosing the right prototype. This is an image of quantum chips created at the beginning of the project.
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Google designed a test product called “Quantum Supremacy” to test the advantages of quantum computers over traditional supercomputers. Ryan F. Mandelbaum captures a schematic image of a quantum circuit used in Quantum Supremacy. This circuit is already running on Sycamore processors.
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With the help of physicist Scott Aaronson (University of Texas), Google uses Quantum Supremacy to generate random bits that can be used in areas such as coding or lottery. With this test, Google proved that quantum computers could do things that classical supercomputers could not do. This will be a powerful tool to accelerate the development of AI, processing large data. Put simply, humanity is facing an opportunity to evolve technologically much faster than before.


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