Mark Zuckerberg’s new fear

Facebook employees have simultaneously voiced their opposition to the behavior of this social network.

Hundreds of Facebook employees recently signed a letter to the company’s CEO, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg . The letter voiced opposition to how Facebook allowed politicians to advertise on the platform.

Facebook employees simultaneously expressed their views

According to the New York Times, more than 250 employees signed and posted the letter on Facebook’s intranet. Employees expressed concern that Facebook is “going against the efforts the product team has made in the past two years”.

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This is the rare time Mark Zuckerberg receives criticism from his own employees. Photo: New York Times.

“Misinformation affects people. Our policy of checking information with politicians or political activists is dangerous for Facebook itself. We strongly oppose this policy.” , the Facebook employee team said.

In early October, Facebook was criticized for revising the company’s internal policy, whereby political ads would not be required to go through information validation. Facebook’s policy banned all “deceptive, misleading” advertisements entirely, but the social network later said that politicians’ ads were not subject to the policy.

The letter asked Facebook to make many changes, such as adopting a policy that is consistent with political ads, changing designs to make it easier for users to identify political ads, and reducing the target audience of this ad. Employees also suggested Facebook should spend some time running ads before the election, as well as restricting the advertising budget of candidates.

The headache of Mark Zuckerberg

According to the New York Times, this is a rare time Facebook employees speak up against the CEO Zuckerberg. In a recent speech, Mr. Zuckerberg defended his position on political advertising, saying it was the freedom to express opinions. The head of Facebook also compared the company’s approach to Chinese policies to show its superiority.

Within Facebook, the number of supporters of Mark Zuckerberg’s views is not small. Opponents, however, argue that the social network is not doing enough to limit misinformation. This is different from the viewpoint which is quite homogeneous about Facebook’s mission, agreed by most employees ever.

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A Facebook employee is following political posts. Photo: Monica Davey.

Many American congressmen as well as those running for the 2020 presidential election have criticized Facebook’s policy adjustment. Senator Elizabeth Warren even ran an untrue ad about Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg to prove the irrationality of this policy.

Another candidate, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, also voiced support for Facebook employees, calling it a brave act.

The Facebook employees who signed the letter were only a fraction of the company’s 39,000 employees.Guardian sees this as another example of how technology companies are offending their employees to ethical issues.

In August, a group of Google employees stood up to pressure the company to stop working with U.S. Customs and Border Protection. In 2018, thousands of Google employees also held a march in offices across the United States to protest the company’s sexual harassment policies.

Many marches and strikes by Amazon employees have also been held since 2018 to address issues such as climate change. In February of this year, Microsoft employees also campaigned for the company to stop working with the US military.



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