The killer of the iPhone is dead

High configuration, cheap price is no longer the exclusive formula of a manufacturer. This partly makes the market become boring.

The article is the view of writer Bogdan Petrovan, Android Authority.

Last week, Meizu quietly launched the Meizu 16T. Although configured with Snapdragon 855 chip, 6 GB RAM or 8 GB capacity, up to 256 GB of internal memory and price starting from 300 USD , Meizu 16T is not particularly or prominent.

Many ” iPhone assassins”

A phone like the Meizu 16T could previously be called an “iPhone killer”, the common term for high-end, attractive devices. In 2014, OnePlus One could be considered as the first “iPhone killer” when it was more attractive than the first Android smartphone at that time, Galaxy S5, while the price was only $ 299 , which is equal to the half of the Galaxy.

Some iPhone design features 1
OnePlus is a leader in the race of high configuration and low price. But recently they changed their strategy, OnePlus smartphones are no longer at a mid-range price. Photo: Android Authority.

OnePlus One cannot be considered a flagship smartphone, but it meets many of the tablet’s criteria, especially configuration, while the price is much cheaper. But after a few years, OnePlus gradually abandoned that orientation and raised the price of smartphones. Now, the high-configuration, low-cost machine playground is given to other brands.

In addition to Meizu 16T, over the past half year a series of similar formulas have been introduced: Nubia Z20, Reame X2 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro, Remi K20 Pro … They all have the same characteristics: strong configuration, usually have high quality screens, even AMOLED technology, large batteries, many cameras, but the price is only 300- 500 USD .

Some iPhone design features image 2
OnePlus, Xiaomi or Asus are all companies that have been chasing the high-configuration, mid-range race. Photo: Android Authority.

At first glance, these smartphones can be configured with devices that cost many times more. The fact that the top of the table like Galaxy Note10 + or Huawei Mate 30 Pro has many more attractive, more advanced features, most noticeable is the camera quality. However, for many high-end mid-range machines is enough.

Perhaps no year has this trend flourished as 2019. Just last year, the Pocophone F1 still resonates thanks to good configuration compared to the price. This year, even Xiaomi itself has to wonder whether or not the Pocophone F2 will be launched.

The market is boring, but users benefit

Smartphone companies are thinking of many new brands to develop high-configuration, mid-range phones. Most of the brands listed above have only been around for a few years now. When smartphone profits are declining, users are getting more and more smart, this segment will be most concerned.

The technologies on smartphones are now also faster disseminated. Lags like Realme and Honor can develop features that are close to catching up with leading brands like Samsung.

The most notable name in this race is Qualcomm. In addition to Huawei and Samsung devices, Qualcomm is the only company to offer high-end processors, along with a range of technologies that come with smartphones. Anyone can buy a high-end chip from Qualcomm, so the difference in the market is almost gone.

Some iPhone design features 3
When Qualcomm almost monopolized the chip market, the same Android smartphone was understandable. Photo: Qualcomm.

Although the smartphone market becomes boring, this race is good for users. They can buy it at a higher quality, but at a more reasonable price.

Creativity on smartphones must also go in a new direction, not a configuration. The leading technology companies still know how to make a difference. Google integrates the Soli sensor into the Pixel 4, Samsung develops a foldable phone, Huawei focuses on the camera feature and Oppo has super fast charging.

Not every feature will succeed and attract users, but like the configuration, manufacturers pushing new features can help them become popular, integrated on low-cost products. more in the future. Users will continue to benefit.

Therefore, I believe that the more mid-range manufacturers out there, the better. No one will feel uncomfortable.


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