Intense controversy about artificial human brain transplant with animals

Scientists have successfully cultured a number of parts of the human brain in the laboratory, and this issue is causing intense controversy. According to the Guardian , a series of experts have warned that many neuroscientists cultivate human brain tissue in the lab and implant them into animal brains, an action known as “crossing the … Read more

Google’s transcendent machine has just publicly been able to change the world

Google Sycamore is a quantum computer system capable of calculating millions of times the world’s most powerful supercomputers, promising a new future for science. On October 23, Google CEO Sundar Pichai personally wrote an introduction about quantum computers for the future. He said Sycamore only took 200 seconds to solve the problem so hard that … Read more

Dell Inspiron 7490 – lighter than XPS 13, Core i Gen 10 chip

The new Inspiron 7490 laptop model of the Inspiron 7000 series has a thin and light design, no less than the XPS 13, equipped with 10-generation Intel Core chip and many features that enhance the user experience. Thanks to the technology and new features equipped on the Dell Inspiron 7490, users will have a more … Read more

The killer of the iPhone is dead

High configuration, cheap price is no longer the exclusive formula of a manufacturer. This partly makes the market become boring. The article is the view of writer Bogdan Petrovan, Android Authority. Last week, Meizu quietly launched the Meizu 16T. Although configured with Snapdragon 855 chip, 6 GB RAM or 8 GB capacity, up to 256 … Read more

Mark Zuckerberg’s new fear

Facebook employees have simultaneously voiced their opposition to the behavior of this social network. Hundreds of Facebook employees recently signed a letter to the company’s CEO, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg . The letter voiced opposition to how Facebook allowed politicians to advertise on the platform. Facebook employees simultaneously expressed their views According to the New York … Read more

Apple 1 computer for sale nearly 2 million USD

Apple 1 has a custom wooden case design, “almost perfect” appearance and is sold by its owner on eBay for $ 1.75 million. According to information from the seller, Apple 1 uses a custom wooden case provided by Byte Shop, currently only 6 models in the world. Meanwhile, most devices that Apple sells only ordinary … Read more

Why Would a Married Man Shave his Pubes? Fitness Tips

Why would a married man shave his pubes? Today we’re gonna be talking about Why would a married man shave his pubes? Because it’s just as important as your facial hair and just like your facial hair. You don’t want to let it grow out crazy you want to keep it trimmed and in control … Read more

Best 8 Things THAT INSTANTLY Make You Less HOT –

Best 8 Things THAT INSTANTLY Make You Less HOT – You know sometimes you can be a 10-10 stud and be blessed by God with the perfect jeans but you know what all of that can be thrown out the door if you do any of these eight things that make any guy instantly … Read more