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10 Struggles Understand Only For New Guys Being a dude in today’s world it’s hard it’s not easy because we’ve got all these people telling us what we should do what we should act like what. We can and what we can’t say women don’t understand how difficult it is being a guy the struggle is real and today. I’m gonna go over ten struggles the guys face that women just don’t get.


Nollette Achatz upside to being a guy

Number one is your nollette Achatz upside to being a guy you get to pee standing up the downside is that there comes a time the restroom and in a matter of seconds. You’ve got to make the decision which one to use so if you’re the only one it’s easy go to the end and hopefully as other men come into the restroom.

They understand the etiquette you got to skip your NAL’s no talking no touching these go here straight ahead or down that’s it
no look inside to solve your story I’m at the mall Lenox Mall I’m there at the urinals paying right and some dude comes. In looks next to them sees me recognizes me from GOOGLE and once they give me a knuckle bump
while we’re peeing the second struggle.

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When you’re with your girl who you love

Only guys will understand is when you’re with your girl who you love who you think is just amazingly sweet beautiful and all that good stuff when another. Sassy senorita walks in the room the gravitational pull we can’t help but look we’re not disrespecting you we just notice that unfortunately when a hot girl walks in the room your girl is definitely gonna notice and she’s gonna watch you she’s gonna watch you like a hawk go ahead I dare you so honey I’m

NOT n’t cheat me exactly

Not I can’t cheat me exactly number three is shrinkage so was it dude you know that your dude your little dude not that little they get big they also get. Small and then sometimes they look like a baby carrot when you’re cold all sorts of weird things happen down there that.

We have absolutely no control over your testicles bang penis Bink don’t judge us do not judge us sports struggle only guys will understand is the desire and need to have a beard yes it might be a little bit patchy. But it doesn’t matter because it’s ours and we we also love our grooming tools and if you’re looking for an incredible grooming tool you can’t beat the Brio who is today’s video sponsor and linked.

I don’t understand why every guy needs an incredible grooming tool but you do I do I know that this bad boy is the greatest grooming tool in the  history of grooming tools. I use it on my face I also use it on my super sexy body Brio is also critical for making sure that you don’t have a monster man.

When it comes to beard grooming tools

Bush I used to love the norelco and then I tried the Brio and I was like yo this kicks the crap out of the norelco. I did a article that is unbiased it is a review that compares the Brio to the norelco.

I will link to that article down below the appearance Cape is in my opinion a category killer when it comes to beard grooming tools is in like this is. It everybody else bye bye guys there’s a link down below to the Brio a beard scape this is like I said the best groomings will I have ever used.

They do but I’m not one to question an incredible deal also if you guys are looking for it now is the time to buy it
because they’re back in stock every time. I do a article about this bad boy they sell out right now they’re back they’re discounted bigger and better than ever. Guys treat yourself treat your man bush your beard to abrió.  I like my Brio more than most all of myex-girlfriends because my Brio never does me dirty it never lies to me it never breaks my tender heart it just.

Struggle women just don’t understand

Keeps me looking sexy that struggle women just don’t understand this happened to adjust yourself in public we
didn’t think it’s all nasty when we got a like pinch and tug. I gotta admit that there is a time there’s a place and there is a way to do it one pro alpha em adjustments hip. I will give you his hand in your pocket you got to adjust you’re out in public what size you need to adjust this is the question.

This is the problem and depending on the answer you’re gonna determine which hand needs to go into the pocket when you know bang. Hand in your pocket and just give it a little bit of that action oh my god. Brian you’re so disgusting always touching that thing somebody’s touching.

Premature or you know who defines

it Janice number six is premature or you know who defines what premature is exactly I have no idea but I will say this ladies if you’re like oh my god. Why was it so quick take it as a compliment it’s not that they’re bad it’s that.

You’re so freakin hot right here

You’re so freakin hot right here number seven number eight also have to do with. It and that is getting a boner in public.

The struggle is real

The struggle is real and number eight ping with said erection freakin ZUP and these women they just don’t understand.

Hitting on women it’s hard it’s a struggle


Number nine is hitting on women it’s hard it’s a struggle because it’s a scary be intimidating see we don’t know
what the hell were allowed to say ladies. If you’re lonely and not a total like wildebeest and you’re like why does nobody ever hit on me the answer is. Society’s fault because we as men are a little bit scared these days even though we’re not a creep. We’re not some sleaze bag that’s kind of like sexually like like like I don’t know it’s weird right it’s a totally.

YouTube new policy 2019 – Could This YouTube Update KILL Your Channel

Different climate than it was you know ten years ago now I’m not saying that there aren’t some really big pieces of out there doing some incredibly disgusting things to women. But as like a normal dude hard to know so we’re a little bit. Tim at a time so if you want it come & get it and last but certainly not least the tenth struggle the only guys will understand is the movie Rudy Rudy Rudy.

Yeah say it with me I know I know right you feel it with me they will not understand women will not understand that as men we want to watch Rudy by ourselves because it’s just so beautiful gentlemen they just see it as a football.

Movie it’s like I don’t want to watch a football movie and we’re like what’s football Rudy is more than a football
movie it’s a story about overcoming. Adversity passion heartbreak family and life and if we get a little choked up
right don’t be all like oh oh sweetie. It’s a gift guys I got wanna be by myself gentlemen the struggle is real..


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