11 PHONES YOU COULD NEVER GET EVEN IF YOU’RE VERY RICH. Virtue’s signature s designed some companies produce exclusively premium phones having one of their phones as a sign of high status and wealth.


The virtual signature S design is a series push-button phones there are about 40 models which differ slightly from each other an appearance in significantly elite in price. The simplest models made of stainless steel and trimmed with genuine Italian leather cost from twelve to twenty thousand dollars the amount varies depending on the quality of the details. As well as the materials from which it is made the most expensive models worth up to fifty-five thousand dollars are made of platinum pink red and yellow 18 karat gold.

The decoration can be created with ceramics or with diamonds of various colors and sizes. It’s funny that despite the enormous price all the phones have rather common technical characteristics the internal memory is only four gigabytes. The image size is 240 by 320 pixels, and you can use it for no more than four or five hours it turns out instead of a virtual phone you can buy more than 10 new generation iPhones or buy one and spend the remaining $50,000 and some other useful things.

Sony Ericsson black diamond

Sony Ericsson black diamond in 2006 a batch of phones developed by the Swedish Japanese alliance Sony Ericsson came in a limited edition and although. The phones may seem unremarkable each device had a price of $300,000 huge money right the well-known Singapore designer Jaron.

NGO worked on the design of the black diamond phone the step between the keyboard and the display is strange and unusual for the phone lines in your hand rather comfortably the reason for the high price of the phone lines. In its hardware, at the time of its release, the Sony Ericsson black diamond was practically a technical breakthrough, but now you won’t be that surprised by its Wi-Fi module or the 400 megahertz processor.

Virtue’s signature Cobra

Virtue’s signature Cobra here’s another virtue phone however its several times more expensive than the phones that we’ve already shown you. It costs three hundred and sixty thousand dollars all because of the finishing details which are made of costly materials the signature Cobra is the result of virtues work with the Masters of the French company.

Boucheron, the main decoration of the pink gold case, is a snake made of 439 rubies the snake’s muzzle is decorated with two real emeralds this phone was produced in a limited edition. Only eight copies were made, and it’s noteworthy that technically the phone is not much different from example these signatures design series. It still has the same smaller screen with a resolution of 240 by 320, but the built-in memory is more significant now only 16 gigabytes.

Grasan Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

Grasan Luxor Las Vegas jackpot in total three of these phones was released. The price of each is 1 million dollars. The same as a beautiful house in a big city or several homes in the suburbs or in a small town the secrets of the price Liars of course in its jewelry the phone case is made of gold.

Diamond crypto smartphone

It has almost unnatural black diamonds encrusted. Another material uses an expensive African air beneath which is over 200 years old diamond crypto smartphons. In our Article were just very expensive but now they’re going to be spectacularly expensive. And the cost of this diamond crypto smartphone is estimated at 1 million and 300 thousand dollars. It’s made of 950-carat platinum decorated with 50 of the purest white diamonds the details on the sides are made of Ebony.

But the diamond crypto smartphone is a phone that relies not only on its appearance but also on its technology inside there’s a powerful cryptoprocessor that provides data encryption; therefore, all the information in the phone is reliably protected.


Goldvish Le Million

Goldvish Le Million even though the manufacturer claims that they managed to develop a new phenomenally convenient phone which lies in the palm of a hand just perfectly. It still raises many questions the phone costs about the same as a proper sports car that is 1 million and three hundred thousand dollars again the case can be made of platinum or a pink yellow or white.

Gold depending on the preferences of the user amazingly its entire surface is covered with diamonds well to protect the back panel from scratches the manufacturer decorated it with crocodile skin.

iPhone 3G Kings button

iPhone 3G Kings button this incredibly expensive phone is a decorated version of a standard iPhone 3G. Australian designer Peter alloy stern worked as a jeweler for about 20 years. Before he began to produce elite versions of popular smartphones.

The iPhone 3G king’s button which was released in 2009 reached an incredible price of two million four hundred and ten thousand dollars. All because the case is made of an alloy of eighteen carats pink white or yellow gold and decorated with a hundred and thirty-eight diamonds. While the main feature of the smartphone is a huge six and a half carat diamond embedded in the home button.

Supreme gold striker iPhone 3G

Supreme gold striker iPhone 3G another similar phone was developed by the design bureau of Stuart views it’s identical in appearance to the previous smartphone; however it was sold in 2009 for $3,200,000. In comparison the Ferrari Enzo six cost only two million the price of the phone is so high because of the case made of 22 karat gold the sides are decorated with a hundred and twenty-six diamonds. The apple on the back panel is encrusted with 53 diamonds not to mention the gem in the home button the model was delivered in a 7-kilogram granite package with interior leather trim.

iPhone 4 Diamond rose

iPhone 4 Diamond rose, and here we have a phone that cost the same as the luxury villa of some rock star eight million dollars. There are only two copies at this model, As well the smartphone’s decorated with five hundred diamonds with a total weight of a hundred carats fifty-three of them are placed in the logo of the Apple. The largest pink diamond weighing 7.4 carats is set in the home button, and these stones are considered perhaps the most expensive in the world.

iPhone 5 diamond black

iPhone 5 diamond black the price of this smartphone merely is incredible since its 15 million and $300,000 why war because of its 24 karat gold body. 126 current black diamond was inserted into the home button, and it is decorated with 600 diamonds.

The falcon’s supernova pink diamond iPhone 6

The falcon’s supernova pink diamond iPhone 6 finally we get to the most expensive phone in the world. With a price that varies from 50 to 95 million dollars. With that kinda money you could buy several islands in the Maldives Falcon, a company that produces exclusive phones. Didn’t decorate their creation with a massive amount of diamonds; instead, they covered the phone with a layer of 18 karats. Gold the price is so huge because of the enormous and incredibly expensive pink diamond embedded in the back. Well if you don’t have the money you can buy a simpler model. For example one with the blue and also very rare diamond by the way the manufacturer offers a pair of platinum headphones for the phone worth $300,000.


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