Hello friends Michael Jackson is rightly considered the most successful world performer in the history of pop music and the most significant person in the world of music. Singer-songwriter music producer dancer actor screenwriter it seems that this talented artist did absolutely everything fifteen Grammy Awards and 25 entries. In the Guinness Book of Records are only some of his incredible achievements unfortunately Michael Jackson left us too early on June 25th 2009. On the day of his death he was only 50 years old his numerous fans and followers haven’t recovered from the loss and on the Internet you can find more and more evidence. That in fact Michael Jackson is still alive today we’re gonna talk about the most plausible theories let’s get it on.

Michael Jackson skillfully staged his own death seems plausible

The idea that Michael Jackson skillfully staged his own death seems plausible to many people therefore we consider it our duty to answer the question of why he could have decided to fake his own death. Which normal person would want to arrange their own funeral right a normal person might not want to but Michael was never a normal person. He was a star an icon an example to many and for many years day and night every day he was in the public eye he couldn’t go to the movies or shopping just like that. He couldn’t even throw the trash after all everywhere and always Michael was accompanied by guards and crowds of fans some people believe that Michael was simply tired of attention. Which had a bad effect on his physical and psychological health people also say that the singer had huge debts so faking his death would seem like a great way to get rid of all the problems at once moreover after the singer’s death. His music was more popular than ever and people around the world began to listen to his music watch his music videos and buy his albums.

It could have been a third reason

Of course this means more money to the artist and it could have been a third reason for Michael to fake his own death. There’s a lot of evidence on the internet proving that the death of Michael Jackson was staged there are many stories about people seeing. The King of Pop recently in different places and talking to him we have some of the most plausible stories here and it’s up to you to believe or not. According to various sources the last photograph of Jackson was taken in an ambulance that transported him from his house to the hospital. The photo was allegedly taken from a window but the problem is that this type of ambulance has tinted glass and of course the photo couldn’t have been taken from inside the car. Some say that this is just a skillful Photoshop job the circumstances surrounding the funeral of the singer also caused a huge amount of controversy.

The injuries that Michaels body received during resuscitation

Firstly they used a closed coffin which is extremely unusual for the burial of famous personalities even the Pope had an open coffin on his funeral. But somehow the pop star wasn’t shown to the world one last time relatives said that the closed coffin was chosen because of the injuries that Michaels body received during resuscitation. But is this really so secondly people at the funeral look weird the new as relatives and friends of the star don’t look like. They are grieving moreover they don’t even look sad it feels like nothing terrible happened most people did not shed a tear and some were even laughing. Perhaps relatives and friends simply knew that they should not grieve because no one had really died. By the way pay attention to the blonde who attended the memorial service no one knows for sure who she is and some claim that it is Michael Jackson himself wearing makeup to be honest it seems to us that they have similar profiles.

During his short but amazing life Michael managed to help a huge number of people one of them was Dave Dave whose real name is David Rothenberg. When he was little he got burns over 90% of his body as a result of a horrific accident the story got a huge resonance and Michael learned about it he paid the boys treatment and plastic surgery and he talked to him a lot. In the end dave was even considered Michael’s son but look at Dave more closely doesn’t he remind you of anyone the fans are sure that Dave is Michael. At some point after the singer’s death Dave disappeared and Michael with the help of makeup artists acquired the same look and took his place too many facial features are the same according to physiognomist,

From all over the world Dave and Michael have the same oval face the same facial expressions the same gestures and they even seemed a purse their lips. In the same way moreover the similarities can be traced even in the voice interestingly many people saw Michael alive. In a photo uploaded by his daughter on Instagram in March 2016 do you think the mysterious dark figure and the backseat looks like the famous singer we do not know. Whether Michael Jackson actually died or faked his own death however the second version seems more plausible especially considering the singers. Love for masquerades and dressing up perhaps Michael’s life is still going on just now it’s a never-ending play staged every day well that’s it for today see you soon.


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