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So I’m just getting gentlemen great to see so I have done a but weird right I’ve done a bunch of videos talking about what items of clothing guys should never wear. But I’m old and you’re young and I wanted to know what young dudes. Think dudes should never wear and so I posted this question on Instagram what’s up gentlemen so I want to do a article based on you and your feedback here on social media like Instagram. I need to know what is something in your opinion that guy should never wear down in the comments
help me out and let me know you killed.

Fanny pack fanny packs

It I was laughing so hard scrolling through and reading some of your comments if you guys aren’t following me on Instagram. I will link to my account today we’re gonna go over 12 things guys should never wear Instagram addition please note these are in no particular
order of awesomeness number 1 fanny.  Fanny pack fanny packs are amazing I love them they’re functional you can when i was younger I rocked a fanny pack the downside is that they look super freakin. Stupid address and the tampon didn’t make the list but Tom’s definitely did. Tom’s you know you might have a pair I bought a pair because I was like yo these are super freaky comfortable they’re easy great summer shoes so. I bought him I brought him home I showed my wife and she’s like if you wear those.

You’re never getting sex again three earrings I hate seeing guys wearing earrings because there is nothing that makes you look more feminine weaker. More like a seriously arrings are totally personal preference but I look at them very similar to tattoos. If you’re going into a professional environment you want to make sure that you’re covering your tattoos you also. Probably want to take out your earrings because people do form opinions people are going to make judgments about you based on the fact that  your ears pierced or you’ve got visible. Tattoos when I was trying to get a bank loan for the studio I would go in and sit down and talk to bankers trying to my earrings out..

Sunglasses inside

I knew that they sent a message and not one that I was comfortable or willing to roll the dice on number four is sunglasses inside. Don’t be a douche when you enter a building you have three steps open the door one two three and off. Whenever I see somebody and they’re indoors and they’ve got their sunglasses on I automatically want to punch them in the face they might be awesome and unless they’re Kacy nice that they look. Like a complete douche speaking of douche number five a bad toupee or comb-over bad toupee or comb-over.
Gentlemen I don’t understand it why would you wear a bad toupee or a comb-over when you could hit that link down below and go check out today’s article sponsor Bosley hair loss sucks it is one of those things that happens to guys that absolutely is confidence. killer but instead of wearing a toupee or some nasty-ass comb-over trying to hide it why are you not going to Bosley come to Bosley as the hair doctor right. If you got something going on with your teeth right what are you gonna do you go see a dentist your eyes you go to an
ophthalmologist. If you’ve got any form of hair loss no matter what stage you go to Bosley you sit down you speak to a counselor they can go over the various.

Options and it doesn’t matter what stage of hair loss you’re in Bosley has a solution for you don’t wait the sooner you catch it the sooner you identify the fact that you are losing your hair. Easier it is the tree hit that link and download the free guide to hair loss and hair restoration the guide is total. Free so like go hit that link and go download it they’re also gonna be giving you and hooking you up with a two hundred and fifty dollar gift card. You can use so if you make an appointment you go in you sit down with the Bosley counselor they’ll be able.

Brown Oxford’s

Go over you your hair loss the various treatment options check out these three dudes who went in and saw Bosley look how amazing these guys look and if you guys miss the article. I did talking about the three best hair loss. Solution options that are out there I will link to that video down below but the deal is this if you are insecure about the fact that you’re losing your hair. Do something about it but just don’t wait number six brown Oxford’s with a black suit, in my opinion, it goes like this. If you’re going to be wearing a black suit
wear black shoes but if you’re gonna be wearing navy or grey or anything other.

Than black always go Brown or Konya Brown and cognac both work and look amazing
number seven is chain outside of the shirt. Yes when I saw this I was like oh my god yes because it drives me absolutely crazy when I see dudes wearing chains
outside of their shirt in my opinion. It looks a lot actually it should be in your shirt number eight is white feeders and we’re also gonna throw in Crocs and cowboy hats come to you. Today asking for style forgiveness because I actually recommended a few years ago wearing wife.

Anything white that went yellowish

Beater with cutoff jean shorts is like this like bad-boy summer style thing. I was wrong 100% wrong wife beaters are supposed to be underwear, not outerwear. Crocs and cowboy hats together amazing not amazing number nine anything white that went yellowish.
T-shirts undershirts you name it that’s what I’m talking– I tum up come on the knuckle, oh oh yes that’s yellow get rid of it number ten there’s metallic hexagon ties sorry
number eleven a belly ring. When I see a guy and he’s got a belly button ring I
think you wow and last but certainly not least number twelve skin without T’s
Handley mic drop…


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