Top 5 Reasons Why Hugging Can Hurt Certain People –

Get Top 5 Reasons Why Hugging Can Hurt Certain People –

Important stuff here 5 reasons why hugging can hurt certain people you know humans do a lot of weird things. Changing their voice to a higher pitch when they talk to babies slowing down on the highway. When they see someone pulled over on the side of the road and awkwardly wrapping their arms around people. They barely know when they enter a room who does that last one sound familiar.

Yeah we’re talking about hugging well most humans are totally cool with dishing out hugs all day. Many people feel very uncomfortable doing it. But why is it that some people don’t like hugging and how can you spot this kind
of person. So that you don’t scare them away with a warm embrace well before we figure it all out don’t forget to share.

Hugs in Casual Life

Side of life so what do funerals graduations and parties have in common  aside from a wide assortment of food in an awkward grandma or two they’re filled with people. Who want to hug each other whether they know one another or they’re meeting for the first time people tend to hug each other as a form of warm
greeting while this motion is widely.

Used around the world and we’re taught to do it from an early age there are plenty of people who absolutely hate
hugging in fact many of these people. Hate touching other people in general but what makes a person not want to be touched believe it or not the reasons may be more deeply rooted than you think there are many reasons why a person might not like to be touched.

One it’s all about the way they were raised one theory of why people don’t like touching and hugging is simply due to the fact. That it didn’t happen a lot in their home as they were growing up well that’s what one Swedish study proved back in 2012 the study was published in the journal comprehensive.

Psychology Behind Hugging

Psychology and focused on finding out why hugging actually took place among people and the emotions or physical response it created one of their findings proved that people. Who were raised with lots of hugs at home were likely to continue hugging effort ibly in their adult life the study. Even went far as to say that hugging is an important element in a child’s emotional upbringing while hugging may be unnatural to some people.

Who grew up without doing it there are others who go the opposite way this is because some children who are raised. Without any touch let alone hugs crave the social interaction as adults and are always seeking this type of affection in a nutshell the way you were raised and what happened to you as a child determines a lot about. How you feel about things in life including the act of being touched to social anxiety social anxiety can play a huge role in.

How people interact with one another and touching can be an incredibly stressful issue and social anxiety is incredibly common in a study conducted at Rhode.
Island Hospital in 2011 it was found that women tended to have more social anxiety than men in that they felt less comfortable with physical touch than men. Whether it’s trauma induced or caused by the way they were raised social anxiety can greatly affect how people like or don’t like to be touched this overwhelming anxiety can cause.

An underdeveloped nerve

People to become uncomfortable around crowds of people and they often try to maintain their own invisible bubble of space to remain calm number three an underdeveloped nerve yes that’s right it’s possible to be physically turned off by hugging

When it has nothing to do with your emotions the vagus nerve is a bundle of nerves that can be found between the spinal cord and abdomen if this nerve is underdeveloped a person’s ability to become compassionate or intimate can be altered this can also mean a decrease in oxytocin a hormone.

That’s released by the posterior pituitary gland if oxytocin levels decrease people may have a difficult time forming bonds with other people some may even find it hard to pick up certain social cues or they might be less social due to the lack of oxytocin being released into their bodies.

Self-esteem issues

Number four self-esteem issues the way you handle yourself at social events in intimate relationships and even with family can greatly depend on your level of self esteem people. Who lack confidence can have a hard time when it comes to touching and hugging a lack of social anxiety and other phobias number five cultural differences similar to.

How a person who is raised without hugging is less likely to like touching people in different cultures feel differently about getting intimate check this out and be more touchy than many people in Puerto Rico and France neither way is right or wrong they’re just different cultures with different ways of doing things no matter the reason why a person doesn’t like to be touched. it’s important to realize that you probably don’t know the whole story judging them for not wanting a hug wouldn’t be right

Simply respect their space try to understand that there may be other reasons why they don’t want to be touched that have absolutely nothing to do with you okay since you can’t ask a person you’re meeting for the first time.

If they were hugged enough as a child stranger

If they were hugged enough as a child stranger at a party don’t you think then how can you know if they don’t want a hug if you’re worried about offending. Someone who may not want to be touched here are some signs to look out for one a person immediately puts out their hand suggesting a handshake instead of a hug is still very polite and acceptable at social gatherings but if you’re a germaphobe handshaking can be incredibly.

Stressful but that’s a whole other issue for another article. They grimace as you go in for a hug now this is a pretty clear sign that the person is uncomfortable if a person has an awkward look on their face upon. Greeting you it’s probably best not to invade their space by giving them a giant hug three as you come in for the hug.

They zap you with pepper spray again this is a pretty clear sign hey I’m kidding whether you see either of the first two signs or just aren’t quite sure. If a person wants to be hugged it’s best not to touch them unless you’ve met them a few times and are confident that they’re comfortable with hugs try greeting them with a handshake or a friendly smile.

It’s better to be safe than sorry well how do you feel about hugging if you’re the kind of person who hates hugging and touching in general. There’s nothing wrong with that you’re totally entitled to feel that way
but if you struggle with your aversion to touch you should never be afraid to establish some boundaries with others.

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Shake Hands

It’s okay to tell someone politely that you’d rather not be hug simply shake hands with people upon greeting them
many people can pick up on social cues and will see that you’d rather not be touched and if you ever feel. Uncomfortable in a social situation it’s always okay to get up and leave your boundaries are your boundaries and no one should ever make you feel bad about them whether you love giving hugs hate giving hugs or just try to avoid touching all together it’s important to.

Remember that respecting the people around you is key it never hurts to communicate and listen to each other you may learn more about a person than you ever thought you could and when in doubt. Handshake me hugs are just fine but I try to avoid Huggies. You know disposable diapers especially the warm and used kind but again that’s.


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